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Reinventing new business ideas and markets via ROI HUNT

Digital Strategy

Digital marketing is not just about a handful of services. The old proverb "sharpening the axe before cutting the tree", applies suitably to digital marketing.

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Email Marketing for Ecom

Designing Email campaigns for the list of customers to increase the repeat purchase and introduce them to new offers. Making a bigger and better list for your business.

Google Shopping

Search intent marketing takes place on Google and it is a great source for showcasing your product to the customers who are actually searching for them in the real time

Facebook Marketing

Anything that you want to sell, there is a prospect base of that product on Facebook who are waiting to find some product that can fulfill their desire. We can put your products effortlessly in their feed.



Curation of amazing thumb numbing content for your products. Ad copies that will make your prospects want to snatch the product right away from the screen.

Behavioral remarketing

Remarketing smartly to the different groups of audience with different message that will entice their desires again to buy the product they looked.

4.5 M+
Annnual Ad Spends
4.5 X+
Average ROAS
35.5 M+
Annual Sales Value

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Ecommerce is billion-dollar industry but how much of it are you taking with you?

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Grow your Ecommerce business with Chatbot.

Brands like Staples, H&M, eBay, Pizza Hut are all growing their customer base with Chatbot.

Your business can leverage the power of Chatbots to improve the conversion rate and Average order value too!

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